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“As a filmmaker planning for a project in Ecuador, I relied heavily on the advice of Angie Drake from Not Your Average American. As I searched online for information about locations all across Ecuador I continually found NotYourAverageAmerican.com to have the most detailed recommendations, tips, and photographs. The wealth of knowledge on their website was a great start, and when I had questions I received prompt and in-depth responses via email. Angie’s network and wealth of knowledge about Ecuador have been extremely helpful. And best of all, because of our conversations I was able to find places off the beaten path that were perfect for my film. Would highly recommend!”

Matt Coda

Creative Director / DP, Vive Media, LLC

“Angie is a wealth of knowledge about travel and birding in Ecuador. Her articles are really helpful for the independent birder to know what to expect and where and when to go. Angie goes the extra mile as well I contacted her for some guiding recommendations and she set me up with one of the best and then followed up several times to make sure I was ready for my trip. Highest marks!!”

Steve Chance

Birdwatcher and Avid Traveler

Angie Drake is without doubt, one of the very best resources you can get to teach you about Ecuador. Not only is she fluent in the language, but she has an astounding knowledge of the country. Knowledge flows from her like lava from the many volcanos that dot Ecuador’s rib. Ask about hummingbirds, orchids, foods and just about anything Ecuadorian and she’ll probably have an answer. She has cultivated intimate friendships around the country and is recognized by people wherever she goes. My son and I spend some time with Angie and we discovered that the name of her business is actually a perfect description of Angie herself. She is not your average American. She’s not average in any way.

Harold Hines

Adventurer and World Traveler