Who doesn’t love a great hot spring? Add an exclusive offer that takes your health and safety into concern and we’re sold. We’re encouraging people who live near Cuenca to take advantage of this excellent offer. Thanks to local expat, Cody Swick Hamilton, for sharing his take on the Termas Pumamaqui!

 Best Hot Springs Near Cuenca, Ecuador

by Cody Swick Hamilton

If you are looking for a wonderful place to go relax and treat yourself, I would like to tell you about Pumamaqui Hot Springs (Termas)! I have been there a good number of times and it is a fabulous place in the mountains not too far from Cuenca.

Wooden Sign reading: Termas Pumamaqui, Fuentes del Sol

Furthermore, when you make a reservation, you have the whole hot springs to yourself!! Only you and a partner or a few friends that you chose to go with! No other people are allowed to come onto the grounds during your time there. Alejandro and Rocio, the owners, make sure that your experience is safe, bio-secure, peaceful, and enjoyable.

Wooden fencing and trail along a narrow river full of rocks and a gently tumbling water

The Details

There are 2 natural pools located along the Yanuncay river, fed by the thermal springs that also feed the hot springs in Baños. (For readers not familiar with the two Baños in Ecuador, Cody is referring to the small parish near Cuenca that offers spa and hot springs, simply called Baños. While the offerings are similar to the town of Baños de Agua Santa further north, it is a different location.)

Upper and lower pools with a mountain backdrop
Stone sinks, Rustic wood doors leading to changing rooms

The lower pool is the hottest and you can find spots where the water is bubbling up from the geothermal fault. 

Alejandro makes great hot chocolate that you can have while soaking in the pool. The small sauna, fragrant with eucalyptus leaves, can be heated for you upon request.

There are also changing rooms, a little cafe, and covered areas. Bring your own towels. 

Wood and stone building with large windows near the upper pool
Rustic wood building with glass doors leading to a sauna

When to Visit the Hot Springs

  • Days: Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday. The hot springs will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day, but call or write a message on WhatsApp to ask about availability for any day you would like to go.
  • Hours: Make a 2-hour appointment for: 9am to 11am, 12noon to 2pm, or 3pm to 5pm

Reserving Your Exclusive Hot Spring Experience

  • Cost: $20 per person. This fee includes a light lunch and beverage.

To make a reservation, contact Rocio on WhatsApp +593 098 375 3513. She will provide you with details about making a deposit to secure your reservation.

You can also check out their Facebook page for the latest discounts and updates: https://www.facebook.com/TermasPumamaqui/ 

In conclusion, if you love being in a natural hot spring and the mountains, I think you will find Termas Pumamaqui a wonderful treat!

Mountain with trees and pasture, blue sky, white clouds

How To Get There

  • Location: On the road going to Saldados, 23 kilometers from the Golf Club located at San Joaquin. Drive or take a taxi, or if you are an avid bicyclist you can bike up! It is past the Cuenca water treatment plant.
  • Map: if you chose Satellite version on the Google Map below, Termas Pumamaqui is easy to see. We’ve added the Cuenca Golf Club and the town of Soldados to help you visualize the correct spot.

Termas Pumamaqui

Cuenca Tenis y Golf Club

Town of Soldados