The Imbabura Province around Ibarra, the White City, is an area I hope to explore more deeply. We have visited for the famous Cacería del Zorro, a horse race named for the English practice of hunting foxes with a unique twist all its own. We have watched the grand parade that takes place along the city streets of Ibarra on the morning of the race. This single event is a great way to get to know the culture of Ibarra because it shows the blending of cultures that so define the area. There are grand horses and riders, in European-style riding gear, and small ponies mounted by chagras, local cowboys. The parade includes the youngest citizens, often toddlers sitting on the saddles in front of their parents, and the oldest, proudly smiling while astride their lovely horses. Everyone wears their finest gear, whether it is the latest polo shirt of their club, the traje típico of their native culture, or fine dresses and long coats of old.

On these visits, we have walked around the city center eating helado de paila, an ice cream dish sometimes compared to American sherbert. We have explored the church, the central plaza, and some of the smaller shops dotting the center of town.

I have a wish list of places and events I still want to see like the Paseo del Chagra which takes place in May every year. The small community of Zuleta is famous for its embroidery and the road to take us there lies just outside Ibarra. There are high mountain lakes, hiking trails galore, and a hacienda or two that just beg for our attention. If you have a favorite place in Ibarra that you would like us to see, please let us know in the comments below!

We know these photos barely scratch the surface of this beautiful province.

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