Last updated on June 24, 2019

We’re pretty picky about our affiliate marketing. As specialists in Sustainable Tourism, we do not agree with the current popular model where a blogger requests a free stay in order to write about a destination. Many of the places we visit work on a community tourism model. Therefore, by staying for free, we would essentially be asking people who can ill-afford to lose profits to spend money in order to host us. We do accept discounted rates that help cover the cost of our stay.

In order to provide complete transparency, here are the companies that pay for direct advertising on our website and/or give us a percentage of any sales originating from our website. The fact that we are still doing business with these companies should tell you that we value their services and believe they are worth checking out:

Website and Blogging Related Affiliate Links

New Blog Hosting – Small business owner David Allen runs this small but very professional hosting service. He has helped us transition from a small blog to a vibrant, bilingual, membership website. No question is too tough. If David doesn’t know the answer, he offers to find it.

WPML – We use WPML to run the language translation system for our WordPress Blog. The plug-in is a true workhorse. Better yet, the support staff is very responsive and helpful to our needs. If WPML isn’t playing nice with other plugins, they do their best to work with other plugin authors to fix the problem. If you click on our affiliate link, we earn a small commission. – is our website of choice for lodging in Ecuador and other South American nations. We benefit from our personal account through Genius Points, where many places offer discounted stays to loyal customers. As a business, we now earn profits for sales generated via our links and advertisements on this website. If you would like to help support our blogging efforts, booking lodging via these links and advertisements is one of the best ways to do so!

If you are the owner of a hotel, lodge, hostel, etc. and would like to advertise your property on, please consider using this link: We will receive a finder’s fee and your first five bookings will be commission-free.

Interact – Interact Quiz reached out and asked if we were interested in creating quizzes. It’s something I had been wanting to try for a while. Check out our very first quiz with Interact! Or see our list of quizzes. Their app integrates well with and Mailchimp (as well as many other email programs). If you want to try them for your own blog, we highly recommend them.

Basic Business Affiliate Links

DesignCrowd – These folks designed our logo. It was a fun and affordable process that I highly recommend.

South American Tourism Affiliate Links

We have received discounts for clients at the San Jorge Lodges and Casa Iguana Sol y Mar. Currently, these discounts are not available by click links.