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At Nanntu, we transform tourism by connecting the traveler to the full potential of our home, Peru. From the Andes to the Amazon, we generate healthy interactions with living systems and the ancestral wisdom of our communities. ~ P. Deza
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Arequipa, Peru


Transformational Journeys, Andes to the Amazon

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A midnight fishing trip under the light of a blood moon deep in the Peruvian Amazon inspired Patricia Deza to found Nanntu Travel, a family-owned business dedicated to connecting travelers with the people, places, and traditions of her home, Peru. This life-changing event celebrating the moon (nanntu in the Awajun language), lit sparked the flame that today burns brighter than ever.

Journey With Nanntu Travel

A journey with Nanntu Travel takes into account every person involved, from the traveler to the host, the tourist to the guide. Everyone should benefit from the exchange.  Many trips include visiting individuals or communities where traditional knowledge and wisdom have gone unvalued in the past. For example, a tour might include visiting a family in the Andes that raises alpaca and produces fine textiles or a community in the Amazon that continues to fish under the light of the moon.

Nanntu is also dedicated to protecting the environment through the support of One Tree, One Life, an initiative inspired by the passing of Hernán de Romaña Gibson, a developmentally disabled adult child of a local conservationist. Three friends created the organization to plant trees in the endangered Polylepis forests of the Queñua Biological Corridor on the slopes of the Chachani Volcano. To date, they have planted over 1,800 trees. Nanntu continues to plant a tree for each visitor they welcome to Peru.

“Perhaps our efforts are like a hummingbird carrying drops of water to put out a fire, however, it is our will to collaborate with nature.” ~Patricia Deza

Tours by Nanntu Travel

Personalized Tour

Nanntu Travel loves to design personalized journeys that enhance a traveler’s opportunity to experience transformation.

Testimonials for Nanntu Travel

I met Patrica Deza in a course offered by the Transformational Travel Council. As soon as I heard her speak about her work and the love of her country, I knew I wanted to work with her. I have great respect for Patricia and her company, Nanntu Travel.

Angie Drake

Founder, Not Your Average American, LLC