Kichwa Lodge

The Kichwa Lodge is a community project in the Amazon of Ecuador, located in the heart of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Our goal is to provide sustainable tourism opportunities while generating employment for our fellow community members. We avoid cutting down forests and practice discriminate hunting. ~ Edgar Noteno, General Manager
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Located in:

Cuyabeno, Ecuador


Cuyabeno Amazon Tours, Ecuador To Peruvian Border

While most tourism projects in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve are operated by travel agencies or tour operators located in Quito, Ecuador, the Kichwa Lodge is managed and owned by the local community. They proudly claim to be a 100% Kichwa company, a rarity in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Experience the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve with the Kichwa

A visit to the Kichwa Lodge provides plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing and intercultural exchange. The newly built lodge is clean and simple, providing excellent accommodations for the budget traveler. Excursions are varied and might include a trip to the salt-licks to observe macaws, climbing a giant observation tower with views of jungle treetops, a journey by boat to visit other ethnic groups like the Cofan, a fishing trip to catch piranhas, a communal dance at the local cultural center, or bird watching from the seat of a canoe.

Trips can be personalized to meet the needs of small groups or individuals.

Small Footprint, Big Dreams

While the Kichwa Lodge is a new enterprise with a small footprint, they have big dreams.

Created in 2019, the community has struggled to keep the project going due, in large part, to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, as tourism returns, the community can see great potential for the future of tourism in Cuyabeno. The entire Kichwa Lodge team is vaccinated to help protect the community’s children and elders. They have plans to invest in solar power and create scholarships for young adults to further their education.

Currently, their mission is to provide employment as a way to end generational poverty. They purchase locally grown products and partner with other tourism providers in the area as a way to create a web of opportunity for the greater good.

Our actions should always be in friendship with our neighbors ~ Edgar Noteno

Tours by Kichwa Lodge

Personalized Tour

Kichwa Lodges provides opportunities to experience the Ecuadorian Amazon in the heart of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. 

Testimonials for Kichwa Lodge

I met Edgar Noteno, general manager of the Cuyabeno Kichwa Lodge, in 2018. He proudly shared the two projects that his community had built, a bird observation tower and a cultural center. A third project was an old lodge built by a Quito travel agency years ago that had recently completed its lease. Since then, the old lodge is once again managed by a company from Quito while Edgar and his team started this new project, the Kichwa Lodge, 100% Kichwa owned and operated. 

Angie Drake

Founder, Not Your Average American, LLC