Let us introduce you to our wonderful partners!

We work with individuals and micro-businesses working to improve their communities and our world by designing tourism products that are sustainable and regenerative. We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help measure success. We only work with those individuals and companies willing to put in the time and effort to have challenging conversations about what tourism can and should look like in their communities. Join us in creating tourism that works for everyone.

Freelance Guides

Jacqueline Granda Marcillo; called Jacquie by her friends and favorite clients

Jacqueline Granda Marcillo

Speaks: English, French, Spanish

Lives In: Quito, Ecuador

Specialty: Immersion, Folklore, Culture

Selfie of Alejandro with a smiling client in the background

Alejandro Valenzuela

Speaks: English, Spanish

Lives In: Quito, Ecuador

Specialty: Nature Guide


Kichwa Lodge Logo, Cuyabeno, Edgar Noteno

Kichwa Lodge

Speaks: English, Spanish

Located: Playas de Cuyabeno, Ecuador

Specialty: Cuyabeno Amazon Tours, Ecuador To Peruvian Border

Nanntu logo

Nanntu Travel

Speaks: English, Spanish

Located: Arequipa, Peru

Specialty: Transformational Journeys, Andes to the Amazon