If you’re reading this article, it’s very likely you are a friend or former client of Jacqueline Granda. That means we have something in common! If you already know that you want to help Jacqueline write more great content and get paid to do so, please scroll to the bottom of the article. Otherwise, read on to learn why I am personally making this huge ask.

Jacqueline Granda Needs Our Help

Everyone who knows Jacqueline is inspired by her big heart, her kind soul, and her boundless energy. It seems that nothing can stop Jacqueline when she gets going on a new idea.

Unfortunately, Jacqueline is struggling to make ends meet. The current Covid-19 outbreak across the world has stopped international tourism in its tracks. National tourism in Ecuador has yet to rebound as people are still leery of traveling far from home. That means Jacqueline is unemployed. She needs a job. She does not want handouts.

For a short time, I had hired her to work for our company, helping to write articles and to reach out to guides who could benefit from having a presence on our website. But we’ve been hit hard by Covid as well. It’s hard to sell personalized trip itineraries when no one is planning trips. Without any business income, I can’t afford to pay her. While we are looking for grants to help our our business, it’s hard to find funding for an American company hiring Ecuadorian writers. 

Jacqueline milking a cow in Borja, Ecuador | ©Jacqueline Granda

A Donation Helps Jacqueline and Future Tourism in Ecuador

A donation to help Jacqueline doesn’t just help her put food on the table. With the money you donate, I will hire Jacqueline to write articles about Ecuador, especially community tourism projects that have a hard time getting noticed on the international stage. It can take about 6 months for Google to recognize new content. But when Covid-19 is over, we should have the beginning of a series of articles on community tourism with information on how to contact, reserve, and visit, these unique destinations. 

Therefore, these articles will help you too! You will learn about places that don’t appear in any printed guidebook and can help guide your future travel plans in Ecuador.

Please use the button below to. make any size donation to the Ecuadorian Writers Fund. Leave a comment in the small box titled “order notes.” This can be a note to Jacquie telling her how much you appreciate her and her hard work. Or you can just say that you would like to make the donation in Jacquie’s name.

The donation page only works on our English language website so we appreciate your patience. If you have any problems making a donation, please reach out to me at angie@notyouraverageamerican.com or via Whatsapp at +12025689080. We want to get it figured out!

Do you like reading articles by Jacqueline Granda? Help us pay for her work with your donation on her behalf to our Ecuadorian Authors Fund!

Jacqueline Granda and her beloved companion, Titán.